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Why shower sex is simply the worst thing ever
Again, the movies have been lying to us.

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IF HOLLYWOOD MOVIES were to be believed, sex would be a seamless, glamorous experience where people wrap themselves in sheets afterwards while elegantly walking to the bathroom.

And in Hollywood, sex in the shower is also the best thing ever.

But people do not agree, at all

Shower sex has many downfalls not displayed on screen

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And its dangers are obvious and immediate

Cosmo even named it number one in its list of the most over rated types of sex:

Water does not equal lubrication. Plus, one of you is always freezing, and you could slip and fall and die. You could die because of some bad sex. How screwed up is that? Hard pass.

Yes, it even beat out car sex in its awkwardness. Which is quite the achievement.

Real life shower sex is just more unforgiving

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And less graceful, obviously

Perhaps the greatest sex lie out there

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People are very aware that the shower makes the act seriously awkward


BUT, it has to be said that there are a good few advocates out there

With some important caveats

So now.

What do you think? Shower sex is…

Poll Results:

Awkward as f**k, it's just not worth it (1973)
It's actually really good, everyone complaining about it is wrong (851)

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