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12 telling signs you are slowly starting to let winter go
Come at us summer.

SURE, WE’VE HAD a bit of sunshine and the temperatures are humane, but let’s not get carried away. Sunnies and shorts? Wind your neck in.

Here are some signs that you’re so over winter.

1. You’ve taken the electric blanket off your bed

You’ve even given it a little hoover and a spring clean in the process. It’s noticeably harder, but sufficiently cooler. Farewell our fleecy friend, you have served us well.

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2. You spend a little less time boiling yourself alive in the shower or taking long baths before bed

Gone are the baths that would literally bubble they were so hot. You’d emerge red, but warm. Quick lukewarm shower will do now.


3. You’ve switched from fleecy pyjamas to a t-shirt

That sweat isn’t just from the surprise bonus spring colds you’re getting. Penneys are even selling their shorts sets now, score.

tinypic photo Sweetaholic Sweetaholic

4. A cold breakfast will do

Ciao, porridge. Never really liked you anyway.

breakfast Danielle Scott Danielle Scott

You also find yourself laying off the constant cups of tea in an attempt to heat yourself from the outside-in.


5. You’ve put the gloves and woolly scarves away for another year

Stuff em in the winter box on top of the wardrobe, while you can now shift the summer clothes to the forefront. The sunnies might even be upgraded into your everyday bag. Ah!

summer storage box Creative Order Creative Order

6. You need to put the immersion on for hot water as your gas heating isn’t on as much

Dammit, such a radical lifestyle change to adapt to. We have to learn to remember to switch it off all over again. Life is so hard.

- Imgflip Solar Immersion Solar Immersion

7. You put the washing on the line overnight without the constant worry that it’ll rain

Ah sure it’s only a sunshower.

washing ray kenningtonfox kenningtonfox

8. There’s already an underlying feeling of guilt at spending evenings indoors

But change is coming too fast, too quick.

sunlight.gif.pagespeed.ce.h77RHbch7Y Muslimmedicine Muslimmedicine

Our bodies aren’t ready.


9. You’re genuinely considering cleaning the barbecue and back furniture over the weekend

Just in case like. It’s a Bank Holiday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Barbecuedoctor Barbecuedoctor

Ah feck it, we’ll get a disposable one.


10. It’s time to stock up on fake tan

The pegs will be out, moreso than usual.

IMAG0495 Jodie's Jabberings Jodie's Jabberings

11. You go for a pint after work only to sit in the beer garden freezing your ass off

Going inside would admit defeat, you can still get scorched by the heaters though.

Dear work... Paul Stainthorp Paul Stainthorp

12. You don’t tut at the ice cream van music anymore

“Sure he’ll be getting no business today HAHAHA”. No more, no more of these jokes please.

van2 Kevsices Kevsices

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