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21 signs you are an Irish thirtysomething

“You can’t believe there are people born after Italia 90 who earn more than you.”

1. You can’t remember the names of your friends’ children, but you still remember your childhood friend’s home phone numbers off by heart

phone Flickr Flickr


2. Your life is now just one long series of weddings

wedding Flickr Flickr

And you no longer get excited by the prospect of going to one.

Instead, youu just spend time calculating how much money you’ll need to spend and quietly resenting your friends for inflicting this financial burden on you.

3. “I’m still only young!” is no longer an acceptable thing to say your aunty when she asks why you’re not married

giphy (6) realitytvgifs / Tumblr realitytvgifs / Tumblr / Tumblr

4. Not only do you know married people, but you know people with failed marriages

giphy (7) realitytvgifs / Tumblr realitytvgifs / Tumblr / Tumblr

5. You haven’t a notion what The Point is called anymore

90354746 Sam Boal / Sam Boal / /


6. Britpop totally defined your adolescence


And you still have strong opinions about the Blur vs. Oasis rivalry AND YOU WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU.

7. In fact, you briefly considered buying tickets to this so you could relive the glory days of your youth

marlay Ticketmaster Ticketmaster

“Do I like Stone Roses? Do I need to go to Stone Roses? Am I elderly if I don’t?”

8. And you still think of the 1990s as being 10 years ago

giphy (5) Giphy Giphy

9. Oh, and REM’s Automatic For The People is one of the finest albums of our generation, thank you very much


10. You find it offensive that there are people born after Italia ’90 who get paid more than you

giphy (4) whydoiputupwiththis / Tumblr whydoiputupwiththis / Tumblr / Tumblr

11. And the thought of teenagers not knowing what Maniac 2000 is makes you want to take to the bed

maniac2000 YouTube YouTube

12. You can’t believe they have films on the Leaving Cert


Watching Billy Elliott in school? Not in our day.

13. Your Mam has gone from being terrified you will have a child to being terrified you won’t have a child

baby Flickr Flickr

14. And your reaction to friends telling you that they are pregnant has gone from “Oh shite, what did Eoin say?” to “Congratulations!”

giphy (10) girlsbo / Tumblr girlsbo / Tumblr / Tumblr

15. You’ve been meaning to sort your pension out for the last five years now

giphy (11) couldthisbemoreawkward / Tumblr couldthisbemoreawkward / Tumblr / Tumblr

16. But as far as your Mam knows, it’s sorted

We won’t tell if you don’t.

giphy (12) Giphy Giphy

17. You drink bottles at parties, not cans

Your bags of cans days are behind you.

carling Flickr Flickr

18. And you’ve experienced both a two-day hangover and a two-drink hangover

giphy (14) reactiongifs reactiongifs

19. You’ve willingly gone for hikes/long walks on the weekend

You, age 23: “A hike in Wicklow? Head off for yourself.”

You, age 34: “That sounds lovely. I’ll make sure to bring the various waterproofs, because I am an adult.”

20. And you realise now that you don’t have to stay in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings

Wait, you’re allowed get up before 11am on a Sunday? Why didn’t someone tell you this when you were in your 20s?

giphy (15) Gphy Gphy

21. You mean it when you say you don’t care what you get for Christmas

(But you will kill your Mam if she forgets to buy you a selection box.)

selecrtio Flickr Flickr

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