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hanger is real

11 struggles only hangry people understand

It’s tough out there.

IT’S OFFICIAL. HANGRY is a real emotion. Not just an emotion, a state of being. Yes, hungry–and angry as a result.

Let us illustrate:

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But how can you tell if you’re a hangry soul?

1. Not having enough time for breakfast completely wrecks your day


You would literally fight anyone on that bus for a cereal bar.

2. You’ve picked an argument over something awful when you just needed a snack

Accquire these, and hand them out in times of need.

sorry-hungry-card Cecilyarmstrong Cecilyarmstrong

3. You think the Dominos tracker is both the best and worst invention

Jesus how long does quality control take!


4. Until you eat you can’t concentrate on ANYTHING BUT FOOD

If a meeting runs on, there will be hell to pay.


5. You’re pretty sure you wouldn’t survive a day lost at sea


6. Queues in cafes have been known to set you off

Why are you taking so long? You either want mayo or you don’t. Move along!


7. Going out with someone indecisive is your worst nightmare

Where will we go?
I don’t mind.
How about here?
Nah, not in the mood for that…



8. The shop being out of what you wanted is almost enough to tip you over the edge

Don’t get arrested, don’t get arrested.


9. Your worst nightmare is to be promised food at a party so you don’t eat all day only to be greeted with… CANAPÉS

NO I don’t want salmon foam on a water cracker, where’s the pizza?


10. Someone eating near a hangry you means imminent death for them

They leave their food behind…


11. You would literally eat anything to ease the hanger

For the sake of those around you.


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