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13 signs you're definitely procrastinating right now
You’ll read this later.

BIT OF A procrastinator? Well, we found out today that you can blame your parents, it’s in your genes.

Doing any of this though? That’s all you.

1. You’re reading this in order to avoid that thing you’re supposed to be doing

We can see you.


2. You immediately answered yes to the question this article poses


3. Your browser tabs look a lot like this


4. You’re engaging literally everyone who’s on Facebook chat in pointless conversation

If you’re going down, they’re going down with you.


5. It’s time to calculate how much time you have left to do the task and what exactly it can be condensed down to

Sure you’ll be grand yet.


6. You see a screenshot on Twitter of someone achieving 2048 and have the sudden calling to do the same

Google ChromeScreenSnapz044 Kleptonomicon Kleptonomicon

And the crowd goes wild.


7. Oh there you go again, quick

You can’t just start ignoring people.


A sound as urgent to an office worker as a siren is to a motorist:

bensherry / YouTube

8. You’re certain that you need a quick cup of coffee and you’ll be ready to go again

Still basking in your 2048 achievement, you’re sure to stop to chat with a colleague or housemate about how much work you have to do.


Note it’s your third one today and start worrying if that’s bad for you.


9. Your desk is a bit of a disaster now that you look at it

You couldn’t possibly work while surrounded by all of that interfering paper.


Oh my GOD there’s that birthday card your nephew wrote for you last year! You read it again. Show everyone.

10. Safe in the knowledge that your productivity is at an all time high, you quickly check your various social media accounts



11. Time to do those spreadsheets yet?



12. Notice a Facebook photo posted by that guy you went to school with and wonder how he’s doing

Why not find out EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM, and compare your life to his?


There’s no photo on his LinkedIn profile but he’s potentially a neuroscientist now.


13. Oh, look at the time. You’ll get stuck in after lunch

Stuck. In.


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