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11 signs you've already spent too much time with your family

‘Tis the season to be passive-aggressive.

WE LOVE OUR families. We wouldn’t be away from them at Christmas for the world – and we know how lucky we are to have them with us.

But sometimes it’s just… too much. Here are the signs.

1. You have started automatically filling the kettle to the brim every time

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And engaging in regular Teamaking Standoffs, where you see how long you can go without tea in the hope that somebody else will make it

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2. Your sulks have reached Angsty Teenager levels

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3. You have had a major argument over something totally trivial, like the washing up

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4. You have forgotten what life was like without Mammy Dinners

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And are ignoring the fact that you will soon have to return to a bleak world of spaghetti and pesto.

5. You have slammed a door

6. You have completely resumed your allotted role in the Sibling Hierarchy

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Complete with accusations of stealing clothes, ratting each other out to Mam, and possible hair-pulling.

7. You have issued demands to be treated ‘like an adult’

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8. And/or claimed that ‘no one listens to me’

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9. Leaving the house, even for brief periods, is strangely relieving

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10. You have begun calling up your friends solely to complain about your family

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11. You are turning into your mother/father.

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Examples include: passive-aggressively giving people coasters to put under their drinks; telling younger family members to ‘wear a coat or you’ll catch your death’; and openly taking the newspaper to the jacks.

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