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Cork hotel receives painful TripAdvisor review, manager's response is both funny and excellent

The review likened the hotel’s exterior to Chernobyl.

TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS CAN be helpful, but they can also be absolutely brutal.

Case in point: this rather unforgiving review of Silver Springs Moran Hotel in Cork that likens it to Chernobyl and awards the hotel a paltry 1/5.

tripadvisor1 Source: TripAdvisor


Not one to take criticism lying down, however, the hotel manager addressed the criticisms with a brilliant, in-depth response.

First, he responded to the unnecessary comparison between the hotel and Chernobyl.

tripadvisor2 Source: TripAdvisor

He dismissed claims that it hadn’t been redecorated since the Reagan administration.

tripadvisor3 Source: TripAdvisor

He then went through the review, point by point.

tripadvisor4 Source: TripAdvisor

tripadvisor5 Source: TripAdvisor

It all ended on a polite note, though.

tripadvisor6 Source: TripAdvisor

NoneOfYoBizness, you just got served.

This is not the first instance of an Irish establishment to responding to critics on TripAdvisor.

Back in May, the owner of Oliveto, a restaurant in Dun Laoghaire, replied to a negative review and criticised the website as a whole.

tripadvisor7 Source: TripAdvisor

tripadvisor8 Source: TripAdvisor

(h/t Deirdre O’Shaughnessy)

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