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9 tricks to impress your mates in the pub this weekend

Make some bets, you’ll win every time.

THE PUB IS great for chats and things, but sometimes you just need an entertainer. Be that person everyone speaks of for days–or just avoids when they go up for a drink.

1. Knot a napkin without letting go of either side

Simply fold your arms, grab an end, and flip.


2. The matchstick challenge

Line them up like this, then bet someone they can’t move two to create four squares instead of five


It’s simple when you know how.


3. Balance a fork and a spoon on the edge of a glass

All you need is a toothpick.

Source: Tim Ferriss/YouTube

4. Balance three glasses on top of one another

This one will take a bit of practise but once you get it right, you’ll be the high wizard of the local. Just look at these lads.

Source: SketchyVonLucan/YouTube

Make sure your glasses are identical and EMPTY, at least when you’re starting off.

Imagine a clock face, now put glass A on to the bar as a foundation. Glass B goes on top at 10 o clock, and C goes on B at 2 o clock. All going well, they should balance out.

image001 Source: Goodtricks

5. Turn whiskey to water

All you need is a shot glass of water, a shot glass of whiskey, and a laminated card.

Put the card on the water shot and turn it upside down so it’s sitting on the whiskey. Slowly move the card so that there’s an opening between the two glasses, and watch as the whiskey rises to the top.

awhisk1 Source: Bar Science


6. Change the star formation of toothpicks without touching them

Just get a straw with a bit of water in the end, et voila.

Source: barhustlertricks/YouTube

7. Bend a cigarette without breaking it

Roll it up inside a fiver and bend it.

Practise this one so you’re not just going around breaking people’s cigarettes.


aciggy Source: World's Greatest Bar Tricks

8. Get an olive into a martini glass without ever touching it

Swirl a wine glass above the olive to pick it up, and lower on the martini glass to drop.

aoliveglass Source: Slow mo guys

9. Get a coin into a shot without touching anything

Simply place it on the tip of a cigarette, balanced on a playing card, and blow. Done.

atrick Source: Bar Tricks

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