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Here is Sinead O'Connor's call for non-violent revolution on the Late Late Show

She called for “the creation of a second Republic of Ireland.”

LAST NIGHT, SINEAD O’Connor appeared on the Late Late Show.

She switched chairs with host RyanTubridy, and interviewed him about his own views. But as her segment drew to a close, she told the audience: “This is one final question, and I’ve only got a minute,” gesturing at her earpiece.

She then delivered this monologue, in the form of a question:

It’s my belief that nothing violent can succeed spiritually, and thus it can’t succeed financially or any other way. It’s my belief that the first Republic of Ireland failed because it was born of spiritual corruption, and thus it’s remained corrupt.

To what extent would you consider supporting the idea of completely non-violent revolution in the form of peaceful civil disobedience and the creation of a second Republic of Ireland?

Ryan Tubridy said: “I think it’s a conversation worth having.” And O’Connor continued:

Based on the fact that the cops are throwing women around the streets over water charges. It’s time for revolution. But you can’t throw balloons, you can’t trap people in their cars.

But let’s not be afraid of the temptations not to revolt. There has to be absolutely non-violent civil disobience. Non-violent revolution: you can’t throw balloons, you’ve got to sit in the street and get shot if you have to get shot, silently sit there.

But we’ve got to claim back our country. The spirit of 1916 – they built a country out of rubble. We have more than they had, and we don’t need to be violent or create rubble. But we need to get that spirit back. And it’s deliberate that our State are trying to discredit the 1916 people.

We must understand we can revolt without violence.

There was an immediate strong reaction.

We also support this motion:

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