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People on Twitter are revealing the reasons why they are single and it's brilliant

Brutally honest and hilarious.

THE SINGLE LIFE isn’t for everyone, but those that live it know it inside out.

The #singlebecause hashtag was trending in Ireland tonight – and it got down to the real, hilarious reasons why people are single:

This universal truth acknowledged by all Irish singles

This meta reason made so much sense

We feel you

This is a practical analysis of the situation

chopstickstweet12 Source: flickr/Twitter

Food is as good a reason as any

Looks like a good quality date

These ridiculous laws getting in the way of legitimate relationships

Brutal honesty

Check them off as you realise

This wonderful selfie

We *knew* they would come back to haunt us

And finally, this failtainted our eligibility for life

schooldicso Source: flickr

Solidarity for the singles.

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