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11 memories you'll have if you watched Sister Sister after school in the 1990s
Bring it back!

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EARLIER THIS WEEK, Tia Mowry confirmed to Nylon Magazine that a Sister, Sister reunion is in the works and that she’s currently on the lookout for a writer and producer that can make it happen.

We’re looking, right now, for a producer and a writer, someone who can kind of be a leader of the pack in regards to running the show.


Of course, if you watched it in the 1990s, then

First of all, the theme song was and remains an absolute bop.

In all its iterations.

*hums theme song for the rest of the evening*

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The show made you wish you had your own long lost twin sister.

The plot of Sister Sister was about two twin sisters who meet after randomly bumping into each other in the mall while shopping with their adoptive parents. You were on edge very time you visited Stephen’s Green in case you bumped into your long lost twin.

Chances are you identified with one sister over the other.

If you were studious, you probably thought of yourself as more of a Tia. If you were fun-loving and carefree, you were probably more of a Tamera.

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Their hat game was always on point.

More 90s than baby blue eyeshadow and body glitter.

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You had a soft spot for Tamera’s Dad Ray

Just a lovely, wholesome Dad. Look at his sweater vest. It says, “I’m proud of you, no matter what.”



Meanwhile, Lisa Landry was your dream sassy Mam.

Nobody messes with Lisa.


You were rooting for Ray and Lisa to get together during the show and secretly resented Lisa’s boyfriend Terrence for keeping them apart.



You learned about the concept of fake IDs from Sister Sister.

ic IMDb IMDb

As well as why you should never trust photographers…

So many important life lessons.


You aspired to go out with lads as nice as Jordan and Tyreke.

The absolute pets.


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And you know that there’s nothing more satisfying than uttering, “Go home Roger!”

No better way to channel your exasperation.


Sister Sister 2017. Make it happen.

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