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Designer creates nightmarish chair that looks, feels and smells like human flesh


THINKING OF INVESTING in some new furniture?

Perhaps you might like to purchase this skin chair. Designed by Gigi Barker, it’s a chair that looks, feels and smells like skin. A welcome addition to any home!

chair front Source: 9191

The leather seats are infused with pheromones and aftershave to evoke human smell, while the seat itself emulates the texture of rolls of fat. Delightful.

both pieces Source: 9191

So, if you’ve ever harboured a secret desire to sit and lounge about on human flesh, you can purchase the piece for a cool £1,500 or, if that’s out of your budget, you can get the ottoman for £440.

We know one guy who’ll be adding it to his wishlist.

fava beans Source: filmdeviant

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