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10 of the most annoying things about sleeping with your other half
The bed is a battlefield. A friendly one.

WHEN YOU GET to the stage as a couple where you’re practically sleeping beside each other every night, things must be going well.

But there are some problems that might present themselves when it’s a regular thing:

1. Blanket control is constant battle


Who asserts their dominance? One of you might be a proper blanket-hog and the other will be left out in the cold.

2. Coordinating bed times will never work

What happens when one of you loves an early night and the other literally can not sleep before midnight? That’s right – one of you stays up really late and then tries to subtly clamber into bed. Looking a little something like:

tumblr_inline_mq5xaqk7Nb1qz4rgp Tumblr Tumblr

3. Personal grooming is a life or death matter now

Previously, you could get away with the having slightly elongated toe nails. Now, it’s a stabbing hazard just waiting to happen. With regular sleeps comes the increased likelihood of your other half’s legs feeling the nail’s wrath.

tumblr_inline_nk3vijZ2T81rh5cec Tumblr Tumblr

4. Snoring is the elephant in the room

If one of you is a snorer and the other isn’t – it can be seriously awkward to bring up – especially given that there is no solution. It would almost be better if both of you snored so that at least the guilt is shared, but no, it rarely works out like that.

5. A restless sleeper is an accident waiting to happen

Eventually, that rogue elbow will get you. These are the risks you take.

6. Space is at an absolute premium – all the time

When you were sleeping alone it was all:

Little-Mermaid Uratex Uratex

But now, you have a pre-determined space that won’t change.

7. Waking up is a joint effort

Untitled eflon eflon

You really have no choice in the matter. If they’re up an hour earlier than you, it’s quite hard to sleep through multiple alarms, showers and general morning NOISE.

8. A discussion needs to be had on neutral bed clothes

You’re sharing a bed. You can’t just throw this on and everything will be grand:

After-Pink Bedroom nolaclutterbusters nolaclutterbusters

Similarly, anything overtly masculine would just be weird for a shared bedroom.

9. When you have the place to yourself for a night, it’s like a bed holiday

anigif_enhanced-10849-1414624198-11 Buzzfed Buzzfed

So exciting.

10. Watching stuff in bed might be the loudest annoyance for the other person

netflix Youtube Youtube

One of life’s great pleasures – watching countless episodes of TV shows in bed might be limited now due to noise complaints from the other side.

Get ready for earphones.

Still, look at these two all tucked up – they adjusted. Everything will be grand.

scarlet's chi chi sabrina's stash sabrina's stash

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