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This Waterford farmer’s gas tutorial on slurry is going viral on Facebook
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WHEN YOU’RE SICK and tired of people asking you how you go about spreading slurry on your farm, there’s only one solution:

Make a Snapchat story for them.

Young Waterford farmer Ross Lonergan found himself in that position this week, so he made a gas and comprehensive story and his sister shared it on Facebook:

It’s already been viewed nearly 40,000 times and it’s full of classic farm one-liners.

Ross explained why he did it in the first place at the start:

“A lot of people have been asking me how I do spread the slurry”

slurry Facebook Facebook

And the whole thing is chock full of highlights. Like when he’s lovingly talking about his machinery:

“It’s a fine yoke, you can spread a lot of slurry with that”

spread Facebook Facebook

And gave us all an insight into the lingo:

“I like the motto: Don’t be daft, cover your shaft”

slurry2 Facebook Facebook


And the problems he faces all the time:

“You’ll close her down then… you don’t want it spillin’ on the road… ah sure people would be givin’ out and I couldn’t be listenin’ to them”

slurry3 Facebook Facebook

When the noise has eventually stopped, the real party can begin:

“Leaving the field now and thank god the tunes are back on”

slurry4 Facebook Facebook

More hilarious than your average slurry lesson, in fairness.

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