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15 tiny but lovely acts of kindness you can do right this minute

C’mon, be sound.

KINDNESS IS EVERYWHERE in Ireland this week, thanks to Electric Ireland’s Powering Kindness week. There’s still time to get a good deed in, but as good intentioned as you are, it might be tricky to fit in.

Here are fifteen simple acts you’ll definitely be able to manage.

1. Compliment someone, right NOW

C’mon how hard is it gonna be? And they’ll really appreciate it. Send an unexpected text or give someone a premature, but complimentary #FF on Twitter.


2. Bring someone a coffee in the morning

It can be a work colleague, a cold security man you always pass, a homeless person, your neighbour –whoever. Just do it, don’t think about it.

CoffeeSmile Photobucket Photobucket

3. Message someone you haven’t talked to in a while

With Facebook and social media it’s easy to stay connected to old friends, but even easier to lose touch. Choose someone you used to talk to a lot but haven’t contacted in ages, and send them a short message to touch base. Who knows what could come out of it.


4. Write a thank you letter

We all have someone who did us a solid in the past but we didn’t thank properly. Do it now! Send card and some flowers, make their day.

Thank you Owls AForestFrolic AForestFrolic

5. Donate a fiver to someone’s MyCharity page

Have a look through the charities listed and pick a cause you feel passionately about. As little as a fiver will make a difference.


6. Buy someone something you know they’ll like

It doesn’t have to be huge, just thoughtful. Someone in your office love a purple snack? Have one waiting for them at lunchtime tomorrow. Have your other half’s favourite beer waiting in the fridge or magazine on the couch.

7. Write a sneaky note to your other half

It doesn’t have to be poetic, just leave it somewhere they’ll find it but not right away. In a book, lunchbox etc.

i-love-you-note lovefresh lovefresh

8. Offer someone a lift

Whether it’s an elderly neighbour or a fellow student or colleague heading for the bus in the rain. You might have to go a bit out of your way, but sure aren’t you dry and warm.


9. Let someone out in front of you in the morning or pay the toll for the person behind you

You can make the morning commute almost tolerable for someone.


10. Send a letter to friend abroad

Even an email would do, but a letter is so much nicer to get. Include something small they might miss from home, a teabag, a nostalgic photo, fill them in on the news.


11. Make someone a playlist

Put it on a CD for their car or email them a Spotify link. Make sure the songs have some kind of meaning to you both. Who wouldn’t love to get that?

usb-mix-tape Bbcicecream Bbcicecream

12. Write a positive review

We’re quick to target a business when we get unsatisfactory service, but think of somewhere that was really excellent recently and tweet them or leave a Facebook comment telling them so.

five-stars Fifthgroup Fifthgroup

13. Donate stuff

NOW is the time to clean out your wardrobe or give away those old books and toys. Your local charity shop will appreciate them. Buy something while you’re in there.

dublin-road-485x265 Oxfamireland Oxfamireland

14. Take a friend for a drink, or show up with a bottle of wine or beers

The dream.


15. Call your mam

Do it! Do it now!

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