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Man makes documentary about his small penis

Patrick Moote embarked on the project after his girlfriend turned down a marriage proposal for that very reason.

PATRICK MOOTE IS a 30-year-old man whose penis is “too small”.

How does he know? Well, because he accidentally became the star of this viral video, getting his marriage proposal turned down on the jumbotron at a UCLA basketball game.

His girlfriend later told him that one of the reasons she couldn’t marry him was that his manhood was insufficiently large.

So Patrick set out to find out more. He has now made an entire documentary about his journey to find out more about his smaller-than-average asset.

It’s called Unhung Hero. Here’s the trailer:

Source: OfficialBGP

Among his humiliations in the film: Asked to rate Patrick’s penis size from one to ten, one ex gave it a three, the Daily Mail reports.

Moote also talked to the woman he lost his virginity to. It wasn’t memorable. She told him:

I don’t remember much, I thought we were just making out.

:( :( :(

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