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8 extremely disappointing snacks from America we all lusted after as kids

These sweets should be INDEPENDENT from our lives.

WATCHING NICKELODEON AS a kid, you’d be forgiven for lusting after American sweets all day.

C4hANHAUkAAyGg7 Source: Twimg

When you were eventually old enough to head off on a J1, you were met with nothing but disappointment.

Case in point:

1. Twinkies

WTF are these? They’re oil-soaked sponge with a soggy centre, that’s what they are. After watching countless American characters beg for Twinkies, we were expecting glorious lil cakes of joy. No such luck. Back to the states with ye.

PastedImage-96241 Source: Christian Cable, Flickr

2. Hersheys

Hershey’s is literally the worst chocolate ever made. It tastes like baby puke. Give us Cadbury’s any day. We learned this lesson the hard way, with bags upon bags of the stuff stuffed into our suitcases on the return flight from New York.


3. Mountain Dew

Oh Mountain Dew. The things we dreamed you tasted like. I thought it would have more of a lemon flavour, so you can imagine how disappointing it was to discover it was basically 7up with a different name.

Dew it alone Source: Photos by Mavis

4. Twizzlers

The words you’re looking for are red liquorice, Jesus. These taste like chewing, nothing else.

PastedImage-59532 Source: OITNB_Daily, Twitter

5. Root Beer

This tastes like coke after brushing your teeth, yet ALL the cool tweens on MTV love it? Upsetting.

6. Fruit Loops

These are so aesthetically pleasing, it’s hard to believe they taste like dyed cardboard.

7. Birthday Cake M+Ms

Hold on actually, Birthday Cake flavoured anything is an immediate no from us. What’s with America’s obsession with creating flavours that don’t exist? Red Velvet = Chocolate. Birthday Cake = Vanilla, with a few sprinkles thrown in.

It’s safe to say that these M&Ms are the worst. Stick to peanut.

8. Kool Aid

Santa could have skipped your gaff one year and you’d still have faced a milder childhood disappointment than opening a packet of Kool Aid only to realise you have to mix it with water and endless spoons of sugar to make a decent drink. No.

It’s the Mr Frosty machine all over again.

PastedImage-551 Source: Flickr, theimpulsivebuy

Did you have any upsetting run-ins with American snacks? Let us know in the comments.

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