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A snake was discovered in a pipe in a Cavan pub

SCREAM. It was dead, but still. SCREAM.

yucksnake DO NOT BE ALARMED. This is a file photo. Source: Shutterstock

ST PATRICK, COME back to us. You didn’t finish the job.

On Monday, a very sssneaky intruder was discovered at the Slieve Rossa pub in Cavan town.

While attempting to clear a blocked pipe leading from the washing machine, owner Michael Mooney discovered what seemed to be snakeskin.

He continued to pull it out until he ended up with this:

Slieve Rossa - Slieve Rossa's Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Slieve Rossa

Yes. The remains of what is believed to be a grass snake.

Mooney said they think the poor creature was somebody’s pet:

Somebody released it near the pub. It went up the pipe because it was attracted to the warmth.
Unfortunately, boiling water comes down that pipe. He got cooked. He came out well done!

Mooney is largely unperturbed about the incident, and doesn’t think there’s any need to fear a repeat.

You don’t expect to find a snake in Cavan, no – maybe a two-legged snake.

Oho. We see what you did there, Michael.

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