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Quiz: How much do you know about snakes?
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# Indiana
Woman found dead in US with python around her neck
The 36-year-old was found in a house where around 140 snakes lived.
# exotic animals
Salamanders and toad illegally posted to Ireland from Spain
The ISPCA has called for tougher regulations around the selling of exotic animals as pets.
# Snakes on a Plane
Australia halts cargo of snakes, vipers and tarantulas labelled as '2 pair shoes'
Australia’s Border Force cleared things up: “Things you can post to Australia…”
# baby iguanas
It seemed like everyone in Ireland was glued to the brilliant Planet Earth II last night
# slytherin
What would happen if snakes were brought "back" to Ireland?
Havoc. That’s what.
# Record Breaking
Scientists discover worms as big as snakes... that may help reduce flooding
The worms were found in Scotland.
# ye snake ye
This footage of a snake stealing an egg from a family's kitchen is freaking out the internet
# snakes in a toilet
Woman plunges blocked toilet, pulls out 5ft boa constrictor
Not ideal.
# ssssspa day
Zoo offers 'snake massages' from four giant, deadly pythons
No. Just no.
# sneaky snake
Woman traumatised after finding a python in her loo
She now can’t use the toilet in her own home. Naturally.
# snakes
Brilliant St Patrick's Day correction from the New York Times
Is there anything St Patrick CAN’T do?
# snakes on a screen
In Australia, look out for snakes on your windscreen wipers
This video contains extreme cursing.
# house of slitherin'
People are now paying to have snakes slither all over their body
‘Snake massages’ are the latest craze in an Indonesian spa.
# Thanks St. Patrick!
Let's all take a moment to be grateful that there are no snakes in Ireland
The actual size of this python a normal person encountered in their daily life in Florida is terrifying.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Wednesday
All the day’s main news, plus a few bits and pieces you may have missed along the way…
# hiss-tory
Why are there no snakes in Ireland?
Co Laois woman found three foot-snake under bed. Why aren’t we finding more of them?
# Snakes on a Plane
Man actually tries to smuggle snakes onto a plane
A case of life imitating art… kinda.
# Protesssst
Snakes unleashed in Indian tax office in anti-bribery protest
Two farmers who claim they were denied access to their tax records by officials who wanted bribes released dozens of snakes in the tax office yesterday.
# Snakes on a Plane
Snakes On A Plane! Man stopped at Miami airport with bags of snakes
A man was arrested in Miami last week as he attempted to fly to Brazil with seven snakes and three tortoises…eh, stuffed down his pants.
# Snakes in Pants
Risky business: Man steals snakes... by stuffing them in his shorts
Eric Fiegel was either very brave or very stupid. Either way he got caught.
# Oops
Donegal man comes face-to-face with snake... in his toolbox
The two-foot corn snake had arrived from England – and isn’t the first unwanted visitor to these shores.
# Snakes on a Train
Snakes on a train! Deadly cobras found beneath train seat in Vietnam
The cobras, protected by law in Vietnam, were most likely destined for the dinner table.
# Australia
Snakes, sharks and crocs: the hidden dangers of the Oz floods
High water is flushing out deadly predators even though the floods appear to have peaked in Australia.