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Zoo offers 'snake massages' from four giant, deadly pythons

No. Just no.

snakemassage1 Source: Caters News screenshot

THERE AREN’T MANY people who would turn down a free massage, but this one will certainly give you pause for thought.

Tourists at Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines can now avail of an all-new ‘snake massage’.

That’s right – for up to 15 minutes, four huge Burmese pythons (weighing a combined 250kg) slither across brave participants.

Zoo manager Giovanni Romarate says the free massages are part of a new “interactive experience” for the visitors.

snake massage

According to Yahoo News, the snakes (named Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel) are fed ten chickens before the massage so they don’t feel any desire to snack on their clients.

Tourist Ian Maclean told Metro.co.uk that there are still several things you should not do during the session:

They tell you not to blow air on the snake, because this is like being pinched on the bum. You can’t shout for help as the snake can feel your vibrations and thinks you’re prey or a predator, depending on the environment.

snakemassage2 Source: Caters News screenshot

One brave tourist gave his verdict on the ‘treatment’:

It’s actually a good massage. They’re massaging my core and it’s not too heavy. Except for the snake trying to constrict my neck, it’s actually quite comfortable.

We have only one thing to say to this:

Nonono_cat Source: Wikia

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