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If sneezing irrationally angers you, you’re going to HATE this

Just STOP.

COLDS, HAY-FEVER, GOOEY spray everywhere. It must be summer in Ireland.

It’s just that every time we try to say something…


Yeah, that happens.

Source: SataMaxx/YouTube

Sneezing is the worst. The only thing worse than losing it in a sneezing fit is watching someone else eject their germs all over you.

When they’re building up to it and you just want to shout DO IT

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When they finally shoot and you feel like your air will never be clean again


That uncontrollable spasm that comes afterwards, sending shivers down your spine


Source: Compilariz/YouTube

Or when you think it has worn off only to be met with a surprise attack


Who could forget the moment your childhood was ruined forever?


Don’t worry, even Beyoncé sneezes… or at least, looks like she might


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