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Social welfare office ban on pyjamas for interviews noted in London Times editorial

The Times of London has noted a growing intolerance of pyjamas after a social welfare office in Dublin banned people from wearing them.

Unacceptable: Bananas in Pyjamas
Unacceptable: Bananas in Pyjamas
Image: LIONEL CIRONNEAU/AP/Press Association Images

THE TIMES OF London carries an editorial today noting the growing intolerance of people wearing pyjamas in public sparked by news that a social welfare office in Dublin has told people not to wear the nightwear to interviews.

The sign which stated that “pyjamas are NOT regarded as appropriate attire when attending Community Welfare Services at these offices” was photographed by Twitter user Darren Cleary in the Blanchardstown area, west Dublin and appeared on broadsheet.ie on Tuesday. Many of Wednesday’s papers carried the story of the Damastown office carrying the sign, reportedly because of complaints from customers.

Today, a Times editorial entitled ‘Pyjama Party’ notes a “growing intolerance of people who go about in public in their nightwear”. It mentions the Dublin social welfare office, saying:

Now a social welfare office in Dublin has decided that enough is enough. It has told benefit collectors that attending in pyjamas will no longer be tolerated.

It notes a similar ban by a head teacher in northeast England on parents dressed in pyjamas dropping their children off at school as well as a commissioner in the US state of Louisiana who has banned pyjamas in public outright.

The Commissioner had put his foot down and mused as to where it would stop if people were allowed to carry on the practice. “Tomorrow it’s underwear. Where does it stop?” he is quoted as saying.

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