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21 photos only socially awkward people will truly appreciate

it me.

1. me

Source: Imgur

2. accurate depiction of me

3. me

Source: mazdababe92/Reddit

4. me, doing me

Source: Imgur

5. literally, me

Source: so_carelessly_here/reddit

6. it me

Source: Bromygod

7. just me

Source: CubesandPi/reddit

8. tfw me

Source: Imgur


Source: average-at-best/reddit

10. me

Source: Imgur

11. Only meeeeeeeeeee

Source: Break/YouTube

12. me

Source: reddit

13. [waits for it] ME

Source: laukaus/reddit

14. me

Source: Nick6281/reddit

15. it me

Source: @emerthescreamer

Source: @emerthescreamer

16. Britney (me)

17. the one that is me

Source: Sam Boal

Source: Sam Boal

18. Me shopping

19. ‘in a restaurant’ me

Source: AssCrackBanditHunter/reddit

20. Emergency me

Source: thinkofsomethingkwik/reddit

21. ME. IRL.

Source: Tumblr

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