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Is it ever OK to keep your socks on during sex?

Answering the hard questions.

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IT’S THE KIND of thing that they never show us in the movies, but it’s a pressing concern for many people out there.

Is it ever acceptable to keep your socks on during sex?

Needless to say, it’s an issue that people are always demanding answers on

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And everyone has an opinion on this important matter.

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There is a mountain of evidence out there that the socks during sex movement has a loyal following

And that it divides opinion all across the board


The controversy is strong in this one.

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You have the detractors, who think that keeping the socks on is just strange

A discussion on Reddit broached the subject, and the top response was hardly positive about the practice:

For me, a man who is naked except for his socks is not a very sexy sight. Plain and simple. I don’t care who the man is. Even Chris Hemsworth would look silly in just socks.

So now.

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But, there is some scientific evidence out there that backs up the socks-on brigade

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Oh yes. The warmer a woman’s feet, the more likely she is to have an orgasm, according to this study:

Because what Hollywood doesn’t know is that socks are directly linked to the female orgasm.
Before the researchers gave their participants socks, only 50 percent of them admitted to having an orgasm. After being given a pair of socks, 80 percent reported reaching an orgasm.

These people definitely agree on a socks-on policy

So, we ask, is it ever OK to wear socks during sex? 

Poll Results:

Ah, whatever works for them (1678)
Obviously not, there is no good reason to keep them on (1554)
I think keeping the socks on during sex is grand (1272)

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