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Sony is enlisting five sheep in Yorkshire to film the Tour de France

No, really.

AS THE FIRST leg of the Tour de France kicks off this weekend in Yorkshire, Sony have decided to affix cameras to five sheep so they can capture the action. No, really.

sheepcamera3 Source: Trendhunter

The sheep will be outfitted with the new Sony ActionCam and they will be encouraged to wander while taking in the peloton. Farmer Ian Hammond will control the cameras remotely through a live view remote.

Though the whole thing might sound a little off-the-wall, the stunt is designed to demonstrate the sturdiness of the new cameras, which boast an image stabilisation feature, so no matter how crazy and buckwild the sheep get, the picture shouldn’t suffer.


sheepcamera4 Source: Trendhunter

Run, little sheep, run.

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