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This highly scientific graph examines the soundness of Friends characters and it's brilliant

The only Friends graph you’ll ever need.

MOST PEOPLE HAVE a favourite Friends character.

Maybe you love Chandler’s sarcasm or maybe you’re charmed by Ross’ nerdiness. But have you ever stopped to consider how sound they are?

This highly scientific graph tracks the evolution of soundness in Friends characters and it throws up some pretty interesting conclusions.

FriendsGraph Source: kevind04

As you can see, Ross gets much sounder as the series progresses, while Chandler’s soundness tragically plummets.

Rachel is mostly sound and Monica is only very briefly sound. Joey is reasonably sound throughout.

We personally think Phoebe gets a rough ride here. She’s surely at least a 5 on the soundness scale.

What do you think?

(h/t Not Very Wise and @Kevind04)

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