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# don't jerk and drive
US state pulls innuendo-laden 'Don't Jerk and Drive' public safety campaign
*immature giggles*

THE SOUTH DAKOTA Department of Highway Safety is pulling a public safety driving campaign due to complaints from citizens who believe it was in, ahem, bad taste.

The campaign was designed to warn motorists of the dangers of jerking the steering wheel while driving in icy roads.

Unfortunately, the message was somewhat lost in the innuendo…

Oh dear.

They even created a hashtag, #dontjerkanddrive, and registered the website domain

State officials claimed that the double entendre was completely intentional with Lee Axdahl telling Argus Leader:

The message is that we’d prefer drivers keep their cars out of the ditch and their minds out of the gutter.

After attracting numerous immature sniggers and complaints, the state decided to pull the campaign.

Trevor Jones, the secretary of the Department of Public Safety, told Argus Leader:

This is an important safety message and I don’t want this innuendo to distract from our goal to save lives on the road.

We’ll always have this, though.

*laughs down the back of the classroom*

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