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This Irish three-year-old nominated Spiderman for the ice bucket challenge... and Spidey stepped up

Now THAT is a superhero.

ON FRIDAY, WE published a frankly adorable video of three-year-old Elijah O Riain doing the ice bucket challenge.

Before taking the challenge, Elijah nominated his mate Lucia, rock superstar Bono… and Spiderman.

Source: Elijah O Riain/YouTube

Cork man John Hourihan saw the video, and decided to make things happen. So he tweeted it at Dan Slott – the artist who writes The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.

It didn’t take long for Spidey to step up to the plate.

Slott tweeted this image in reply. It must have been quite a bucket.

Now THAT’S what we call a superhero. Fair play Spidey, fair play.

The question is: where’s Bono’s?

Source: funnyjunk

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