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A lad called spooning 'sexist' and the internet is having conniptions over it


Spooning to the max Source: Imgur


It’s universally regarded as the best cuddling position.

Yesterday Slate had the gall to publish an article called Down With Spooning!

The article’s author, J. Bryan Lowder, describes spooning as “uncomfortable” and “sexist” and accuses it of playing into gender stereotypes. (Come on.)

Big spoons are manly and will take care of you (provided you let them use you to take care of themselves); little spoons are fragile, passive creatures that need to be held and kept safe. This, of course, is fundamentally a sexist arrangement, one that casts the big spoon as “the man” and the little spoon as “the woman.”
Indeed, I would argue that spooning is always already a power play, a perverse strategy by which we nightly enact the unjust relations of “big” and “little” privilege that plague our society on every level.

Lowder then argues in favour of more “conscious cuddling” — cuddling sitting up, cuddling on the couch, etc.

The article has caused some ructions with spooning enthusiasts disputing the assertion that spooning is sexist.

“A physical and ideological travesty”


Our thoughts on spooning? It’s very nice and a good way to keep warm in the winter months. In fact, it might literally be the most inoffensive thing in the world and we don’t even know why we’re having this discussion.

Go home, internet. You’re drunk.

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