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14 memories of the Square anyone who grew up with it will remember

We’re going to the Squaaaare.


Square Source: Southdublinhistory

1. You remember it before it was all done up

Tallaght-1XX-1200x700 Source: Bkd

None of your fancy Starbucks here. Just helium balloons on the glass ceiling.

2. The fountain outside never actually had any water in it

atalla Source: Google Maps

Now, it’s sadly just a big pile of dirt.

3. You still miss the big Roches and Crazy Prices

roches_jpg Source: Indigo

CrazyPrices Source: Baltimoreaircoil

They were the finest in the country.

4. You’ve definitely got lost and had to have your name called over the speakers

There are too many floors, it’s not your fault.

2655204_8b418d00 Source: Geograph

The lucky kids would make it this far to play on the lane.

5. You wouldn’t stay still until you got a slushie from the stand on the first level

slush_puppie Source: Westsidepizzaandcarryout

6. And you miss the waterfall inside

They just HAD to get rid of it, didn’t they?

Instagram photo by Shannon☁️ * Mar 19, 2016 at 5:24pm UTC Source: shannonwiththehair

7. This is the scaldiest car park and everyone knows it

DCP_2387 Source: damien_farrell

8. There’s constantly craic in the middle of the center

… which used to be on a stage back in the day.

Make sure you pop down to our Willy Wonka Easter Event from 1pm until 4pm Source: thesqtallaght

9. The McDonald’s is the most hi-tech you know

#mcdonalds Source: thesqtallaght

10. If you lived locally you had to walk home over this

DCP_2390 Source: damien_farrell

11. You’re constantly wondering why it has so many pyramids when it’s called THE SQUARE

wm_SWE 292 Source: Southdublinlibraries

12. The santa was the best in Dublin

And the penguin decorations were next to none.

We've got the Christmas feeling #Christmas #santaiscoming Source: thesqtallaght

13. The old Smyths was your childhood MECCA

DSC04107_large Source: ratemyarea

14. It was one of Dublin’s most exciting shopping centres when it opened, and you still think it’s the best

Come on Ireland!!! Source: thesqtallaght

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