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9 memories Irish people have of St Brigid's Day in primary school
It’s a magical time.

IT’S ST BRIGID’S Day. AKA the official start of Spring and the grand stretch.

Bye Christmas, bye cold weather! OK, lol, jk. But remember what a great day it was in school?

1. The excitement the night before was real

Sometimes you’d have to bring in your own rushes and your poor parents would be distraught.

2. But they’d give up and just give you straws

Oh yay, time to have a load of straws spring up into your little face.

PastedImage-97234 MuinteoirNat MuinteoirNat

3. It was universally known as a doss day

Only in Irish catholic schools is a day dedicated to a saint considered an excuse to do feck all.

4. Mainly because you just made crosses all day

Twenty four crosses later, your tiny sticky hands were in bits, but at least you avoided more of that shite subtraction.

We’ve run out of reeds, start using the paper lads!

PastedImage-56266 youngmaria84 youngmaria84

5. Which you could then take home to mammy to sit proudly on the fridge

Sure it was hammered into you that they’d banish hunger from your home.

6. There was one person in the class who just could NOT get it

Thank God it wasn’t you this year.


7. Sometimes there was a mass involved

It would be about 20 years long and you’d need to go to the toilet for the whole thing.

PastedImage-79837 Rock_Of_Refuge Rock_Of_Refuge

8. Or a story or page to colour

That would eventually be hung out in the school halls for all to admire.


9. But most of all, it meant Pancake Tuesday was ahead

Aka the best day of a child’s life.

pancake day proper Ambernectar 13 Ambernectar 13

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