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A woman was kicked off a flight for 'stabbing' snoring man with pen

Sometimes, you just can’t deal.

WE’VE ALL SAT beside someone on a plane who just showed no respect for human decency. But in the case of Lenny Madarski, he gave as much as he got in return.

Madarski was on a plane having a snooze on Thursday when he claimed the woman beside him stabbed him with a pen after he angered her with his snoring.

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The Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago Midway to Manchester New Hampshire was unable to take off until the incident had been resolved and the woman was removed. Two hours later, they took off with the 68-year-old snorer on board.

He told ABC 7 that he fell asleep prior to take off, and was woken by a stinging sensation.

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Imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees, and then waking up and going ‘owww’. She was smirking… and all I wanted to do was not be sitting next to her.

He was not injured, and the woman was simply moved to another plane.

Source: RyanBCreative/YouTube

Southwest issued a statement, saying:

A passenger was removed from the flight for poking her seatmate with a pen to stop him from snoring.

Madarski was asked if he’d like to press charges, according to his friend Michael Sutton, but he didn’t as he’s such a ‘nice guy’. To make matters worse, he’s Santa Claus. Actual Santa Claus. For shame.

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