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Think having an Irish name in Starbucks is bad? This guy has it so much worse
We would take a comically misspelled Siobhán over this every day.

WE ARE ALL well aware of the horror show that is having an Irish name in Starbucks abroad – they are bound to spell it wrong.

But this guy who posted to Imgur has to put up with something much worse.

His name is Clint. And they spelled it correctly. It’s just the spacing issue that makes it suddenly NSFW:

clint Imgur Imgur

You would probably take a laughably misspelled Eoin over this insult.

Turns out, the name Clint and Starbucks is not a happy combination (unsurprisingly)

clint2 Imgur Imgur

Baristas across the land are merging letters with not a care for the comedy they are creating

clint3 Imgur Imgur

Maybe they know? Surely not. Writing legibly on the sides of those plastic cups can’t be that easy

p6bbdyT Imgur Imgur

Pray for Clints all over the world.

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