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Starbucks kept getting this woman's name wrong so she took a picture each time

And they’re so wrong.

AS A NATION, Ireland has it pretty bad in the awful Starbucks barista name writing stakes – especially when we’re abroad.

Siân David is a Welsh woman who lives in England, who has a similar problem with her morning coffee routine.

So she started taking a picture of every attempt

shame Source: Sian David

The more comical, the better

shame2 Source: Sian David

She works for The Bristol Post, and initially shared her story with the newspaper after she had been uploading them to Facebook for some time.

But since then her photos have been shared far across the internet

shame3 Source: Sian David

It’s a documentary record of consistently hilarious attempts at her name

shame4 Source: Sian David

And those times that the barista couldn’t be bothered, and went for something cute instead

smiley Source: Sian David

Enjoy your coffee ”Shain”

shalin Source: Sian David

But there was a happy ending to this Starbucks tale

san Source: Sian David

Because they finally got it correct

sianfinal Source: Sian David


Well done to that barista. You’ve given everyone with a slightly different name some much needed hope.

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