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Medium? Well done? Here's what steak looks like at different stages of 'doneness'

Warning: may make you crave steak.

1. Blue steak

This is the way a perfect steak is to be prepared! #tgif #BlueSteak #ruthchris Source: kmghum

According to BBC Good Food, it should be purple in the centre and quite warm.

An acquired taste.

2. Rare steak

YmQFx Source: Imgur

A rare steak should be bright red in the middle, lightly charred on the outside and warm through the middle.

3. Medium rare

XARXFJo Source: Imgur

gVQ26 Source: Imgur

A medium rare steak should be pink (with hints of red) in the centre and browned on the outside. This is how most chefs like their steaks, apparently.

4. Medium

Steak medium Source: Chef Kevin Blakeman

Brown/pink in the middle and charred on the outside.

5. Medium well

Brown on the outside with a hint of pink through the middle. This will be tougher to cut through and is for those who aren't fans of bloody steaks.

6. Well done

CGFylDGUMAAelTx Source: Queen A/Twitter

Probably how your Da likes his steak.

Brown through the middle and brown on the outside.

Still confused? This chart will guide you.

doneness_chart2 Source: Steak Knight

So now! The next time you go to a restaurant, you'll know exactly what you're asking for. 

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