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24th September 2023 - 30th September 2023
Late-night TV shows announce their return after Hollywood writers’ strike ends
Scripted shows will take longer to return, with actors still on strike and no negotiations on the horizon.
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Ruth Negga joked that she uses fashion 'to hide the fact that she is lacking a personality'
The actress described herself as a “shy attention-seeker”.
James Franco addresses sexual misconduct claims on US late night talk show
Franco denied the allegations but said it was positive that people were coming forward.
Liam Neeson was a typical da when talking about his Kindle on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Liam Neeson is REALLY chuffed that he finally discovered what a Kindle is.
Kate Winslet answered a very entertaining quickfire set of questions about Titanic last night
She auditioned with Matthew McConaughey. IMAGINE.
Stephen Colbert asked Pierce Brosnan what it's like to be a British icon and it was awkward
Do your research, Stephen!
Loads of celebs are posting cringey pics of themselves as teens to raise money for Puerto Rico
Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll are donating $1000 each for every photo. Good eggs!
Graham Norton told Stephen Colbert the secret to his great celeb interviews (it's drink, BTW)
Very simple really.
Daniel Craig confirms he will return as James Bond
There had been speculation about the franchise in recent months.
'The Mooch' thinks Trump should sack 'alt-right' advisor Steve Bannon
But, he notes, “it’s not up to me.”
Tiger Woods on how playing Call of Duty 8 hours a day humbled him
The golfer explains that seven-year-olds from around the world are beating him.
Saoirse Ronan attempted to teach Stephen Colbert how to pronounce Irish names
His reaction to Caoimhe…
Watch Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai doing card tricks
The Pakistani activist is multi-talented.
Donald Trump turned down a "big fat meatball" last night
The Republican frontrunner toned down his brash persona.
David Letterman officially retired last night, and got all his celeb mates to make fun of him
Tina Fey, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld… Literally everyone who has ever been famous for being funny.
Every celebrity ever showed up for Stephen Colbert's send-off and it was magical
That Colbert is a popular one.
Michael Fassbender sang on Stephen Colbert's show last night
He was wearing the Frank head, just FYI.
10 wonderful clips that PROVE Craig Ferguson was robbed of the Letterman gig...
He has a robot skeleton sidekick, a pantomime horse… and a Peabody Award (somehow).
Here's What Happened Today: Thursday
Everyonne’s talking about the Omagh bomb, Rehab revelations, and President Higgins…
Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as host of The Late Show
Letterman announced his plans to retire from the US talk show last week.
7 key differences between Colbert and Brendan O'Connor's Pussy Riot interviews
Marry us Stephen Colbert.
Jon Stewart returns to the Daily Show as Miley Cyrus
…and it is amazing.
WATCH: Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie read dirty words together
Contains NSFW language, of course.
7 things Stephen Colbert said better than anyone else
“February, if you had any balls you’d be three days longer.”
Stephen Colbert pays tribute to the Boston Marathon victims
He highlighted the generosity of several of the marathon runners, who went on to donate blood right after finishing the race.
Krugman: Elect Mitt Romney and the US will have an Irish recession
The Nobel laureate was warned against Mitt Romney’s economic policies, saving: “Ireland is America’s future”.
God Bless Amercia. Mitt Romney app gaffe has the Internet laughing
Late-night comedian Steven Colbert has even made up a national anthem for the new dream country.
Ethics and e-voting: The week in quotes
Did they really say that?’s review of the week in words.
American TV satirist Stephen Colbert considers presidential bid
A poll in South Carolina puts Colbert ahead of one of the actual Republican nominees and on his nightly satirical news show he has fuelled speculation of a White House bid.
Washington is comedy central as Stewart holds sanity rally
It’s the left’s turn to march on Washington today as Jon Stewart leads a ‘rally for sanity’.
Comedian Stephen Colbert appears before Congress subcommittee
The Comedy Central host appears to testify about the brutal conditions of undocumented farm workers.