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Police tweeted a stoner's to-do list, and it's absolutely hectic

Go to the bus stop.

LISTEN, IT’S A Bank Holiday weekend. You’re not going to be up to much, are you? Unless much includes eating pringles on the sofa using only your face.

We know someone you’d get along quite well with.

Murdoch police in Western Australia found this to-do list while raiding a home at the weekend looking for evidence connected to a burglary.

Police tweeted out the note, which doesn’t exactly specific much is going to be happening on Saturday at all.

Hey, not a bad plan.

The police posting the note got a mixed reaction, with some finding the owner’s lifestyle chill, and others berating the police for appearing to ‘ridicule’ users of cannabis.

Tweet by @Rachael Niall Rachael Niall / Twitter Rachael Niall / Twitter / Twitter

The police said the humour was why it was posted, tweeting that they “thought it was funny and did not disclose any identities”.

via Buzzfeed

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