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These Twitter jokes about a gay rights movement are making an important point

Critics have accused Stonewall’s director of whitewashing history.

LAST MONTH, A new movie about the Stonewall riots caused uproar. The massive LGBT movement in 1969 is credited with kicking off the gay rights movement in the States, and a film documenting the events is released this week.


The movie, starring Jeremy Irvine and Jonathan Rhys Myers caused controversy when it was discovered that black transwoman Marsha P Johnson and many other black and trans activists were left out of the movie. Jeremy Irvine was a fictional character created to be the protagonist and the man who incites the riots.

It didn’t go down too well

Many accused the movies creators with whitewashing history, giving a black transgender woman’s role to a young white straight male.

Director Roland Emmerich was the focus of most of the backlash, and things blew up again this week after he spoke to Buzzfeed about the movie. He said he didn’t make the movie just for gay people, and that Jeremy’s character Danny is “an easy in” for all audiences.

He went on to say:

“As a director, you have to put yourself in your movies, and I’m white and gay”.

The film was released this week in the States, with Vanity Fair saying it ‘makes a mess of history’, is ‘terribly offensive’, and ‘offensively terrible’, and it currently has a six percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


To make a point about the bleaching of such momentous events, Twitter has been reimagining some other moments, as directed by Emmerich




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