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storm barney

16 gas tweets that sum up Ireland during Storm Barney

We’re still having the craic.

SO STORM BARNEY has arrived into Ireland and is causing some traffic chaos across the country this evening.

Amongst all those real struggles though, we’re still managing to have the craic:

1. Things were blown places they weren’t supposed to be

2. Across the country people took necessary precautions for the commute home

3. And sent important messages back in case the electricity goes

4. It’s mad out there, but people could still have fun with it

“I believe I can fly…”

5. All sorts will be seen across the land tonight

6. It’s probably best to bunker in

7. Get in the supplies

8. Even the Fire Brigade gave their warnings using Barney himself

9. This is the most Barney has been seen by adults since the height of his fame

10. #StormBarney brought out the Photoshopping skills

11. And the gags

12. And every conceivable mention of fictional Barneys

This was not just a dinosaur storm.

13. Everyone admits that it’s hard to take a storm named Barney seriously

14. Things were grand in Sligo though

Or, at least, optimism was high.

15. Rude Storm Barney, have you no manners?

16. And finally, a Barney-themed tweet from the Gardai to keep us safe

We’ll be humming that all night. Stay safe out there.

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