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13 things that would happen if Stranger Things was set in Ireland

Stranger yokes.

IF STRANGER THINGS was set in Ireland.


1. Eleven would be mad about Birds Eye Waffles instead of Eggos


2. The upside down, the land of death and decay, would be known as the Northside

KIDDING. It would be the Down Below.

PastedImage-61824 Source: Netflix

Don’t go down below there now bai.

3. Will wouldn’t have went missing because he wouldn’t be left alone in that house EVER

Sure he’s far too young to be up in that house on his own.

- The neighbours.

AdwF2jXvhdODr6gUZ61bHKRkz09 Source: Netflix

4. Benny with the good fries would be Eddie’s with the cheese chips


5. Eleven would never have been able to stay in Mike’s basement as his nosy mam would’ve found her a long time ago

2016-07-18-st-watch Source: Netflix

6. Chief Hopper would’ve been a garda transferred from Dublin to the sticks

netflix-stranger-things-series-image Source: Netflix

7. Barb would have been captured when her blood hit a waterlogged field

She’d also probably be well used to navigating a bag of cans.

PastedImage-11755 Source: Netflix

8. Joyce would’ve been on to the ESB about the faulty lighting in a flash

… and would never have untangled those fairy lights to hang them around the house, as we all know that’s impossible.

stranger-things-winona-ryder Source: Netflix

9. Mike would be forced to touch an electric fence by Troy

But Eleven would turn it off with her mind.


10. Steve would play GAA, wear skinny O’Neills tracksuit bottoms, and would bring his hurl back to the house to kill the monster

PastedImage-24435 Source: Netflix

11. Hopper would never give up Eleven’s hiding place, because rats out

what-deal-did-hopper-really-make-with-hawkins-lab Source: Netflix

12.  Brenner would be called Daaaaa instead of Papa


13. And Eleven’s sensory deprivation tank would be a grim paddling pool out someone’s back garden

Bring that into the SCHOOL? Are you mad?

minority-report-1.w529.h352 Source: Netflix

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