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Princess Hijab at work in Paris Al Jazeera

Street artist 'hijabises' ads in France

Princess Hijab spray paints veils on billboards.

AN ANONYMOUS guerrilla street artist is ‘hijabising’ advertisements on the streets on Paris.

It is not known if the woman is Muslim, but she has been spray painting Muslim veils onto advertisements for western brands such as Virgin and L’Oreal.

Even supermodel Kate Moss has been a victim on the artist known as Princess Hijab.

An ad that featured Cinderella dancing with her prince has seen Cinderella’s dress change to a black chador or abaya (long body-length veil).

Princess Hijab told MENASSAT that her hijab campaigns are not plastered on the streets of Paris as an act of “art for art’s sake,” but instead represent a part of what she calls “art propositions for a more global idea.”

Princess Hijab has said her art is not a religious statement. Instead she says it is part of a global “anti-advertising movement” in an attempt to fight today’s mainstream and sexist consumerism.

Al-Jazeera followed the artist for an evening.