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8 struggles of having your birthday fall close to Christmas

Oh, is it your birthday? Well, Merry Christmas.

BIRTHDAYS SHOULD BE one of the most exciting days of the year.

For those whose birthdays fall close to Christmas, the struggle is very real.

1. The rest of the year just sort of drags

Eleven months of the year go by and then, BOOM, it’s Christmas and your birthday.

It’s a bit like having several buses come at once, really.

2. People resent having to spend extra cash on you

And make it known in no uncertain terms.

“Well, there’s Christmas and I have your birthday present to get.”

3. Meaning you’ll inevitably get short-changed on gifts

You can’t complain, of course, but you remember.

4. Despite people’s best intentions, your birthday will never be the main event


MyBDay Source: tinalicious.com

Everyone else:

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5. Organising a night out that doesn’t coincide with Christmas parties is the ultimate stress

Might as well just postpone celebrations until February, really.

6. And if it’s shortly after Christmas, everyone is too busy suffering from post-Christmas/New Year ennui to care


Oh, you’re taking it easy? Cool, I’ll just pour myself a glass of wine and sing Happy Birthday to myself, so.

7. On the bright side, at least Spock remembered you last year.

Merry Christmas/happy birthday, all!

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