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27 struggles every Irish kid faced in the 90s

Tougher times.

IT WAS A tough time, being a kid in the 90s.


1. Playing your Gameboy in the car at night, using the streetlight every three seconds

2. Trying to get online when your mam wanted to use the phone

3. Spending hours loading a trailer on dial up

4. Rewinding a cassette tape if you wanted to listen to it again

5. Trying to record a song so you’d avoid the DJ talking over it


6. Calling in for your mate and praying they wouldn’t be in the middle of dinner

7. Having to talk to their parents when they picked up the phone

8. Blowing into Mario Kart when it stopped working

9. Slipping off rainbow road when you hit one of these

PastedImage-68178 Source: Twitter

10. When the movie you wanted in Xtravision was already out for rent

11. Having to rewind it because the lazy feckers who had it before you didn’t

12. Running with a discman and making it skip

13. Someone taping over your recording of My So Called Life

14. Not being able to feed your Tamagotchi at school so you had to sit aside while it died a slow death

15. Waiting weeks to get one damn selfie developed in Boots

16. This happening on a Capri Sun

PastedImage-17573 Source: neogaf.com

17. When you kept getting the same toy in the cereal box

1999-Coco-Pops-Star-Wars-Phantom-Menace-Statuettes1 ANOTHER ANAKIN! Source: Cerealoffers

18. When you had to actually write into magazines to get a pen pal

19. Forgetting your money on the book fair day

20. Losing one of these

PastedImage-30534 Source: lolsnaps.com

21. Having to watch MTV to see music videos

22. When you missed your page on Teletext and had to wait for it to come around

PastedImage-44054 Source: RTE

23. Missing an episode of Saved by the Bell and having to wait for the repeat

24. When you actually did your homework but the teacher never collected it

25. This book

PastedImage-16224 Source: Adverts.ie

26. Forgetting your lunch and the teacher asking everyone to hand up some donations

27. Getting plain milk, instead of strawberry

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