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12 struggles Irish people who don't like hot drinks will understand

The real outcasts of society.

OK, WE’RE GOING to be real with you. Not liking hot drinks is simply unacceptable.

But hey, you’re you, so we’ll try make it work.

1. You have to deal with articles like this calling you weird


2. ‘Cup of tea?’  is a question asked in almost every social situation

It’s usually asked as a rhetorical question, so you pitching in with ‘no’ is like a smack across the face.


3. You have to deal with the reaction for minutes to come

What? Why? Will you have a coffee then? NONE OF THEM? What do you drink in the morning?


4. The emotional burden of them literally taking your rejection as an insult gets too much

What, you won’t even have a hot chocolate? Are you one of them vegans?


5. People just don’t understand, but you know you’re RIGHT

People who drink hot drinks are the odd ones. They’re too hot, then they’re too cold. A bit of consistency please.

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6. It makes non-alcoholic social meetups a pain

Wanna go for a coffee? Oh wait, YOU DON’T DRINK COFFEE * glares at you with a mixture of disgust and pity*


7. Inviting someone in is a minefield

Wanna come in for coffee? I mean, er, a coke?

It’s OK, people only do this in the movies anyway.

9d27dec206c5f4a5bfff23480bf83ba359cf4a712135084ce95dce07d6c663d4 Quickmeme Quickmeme

8. You have to listen to people going on about ‘needing’ coffee

Whereas YOU actually have to put some effort into your morning chat.


9. Work tea rounds are a constant nightmare

You’ve been working there nine years and you STILL automatically get a cup. Not to mention that you’re still looked at oddly when you go to the kitchen and don’t make an offer.

How do you even make good tea?



10. When you’re sick, you’re left with little choice

All of the drinks that will make you feel better are hot. Hot whiskey, hot lemonade, hot lemon.

All gack.

11. Your biscuits always remain hard and cold

A steep injustice, indeed.

250px-Rich_tea Wikimedia Wikimedia

12. You feel you’ve failed your nan

Above all else you have achieved, often it felt like all she wanted for you was to accept and enjoy that cup of tea.


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