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12 struggles only women with long hair will understand

A constant struggle.

LONG HAIR, DON’T care. Except when all this stuff happens.

1. You’re constantly being tickled by stray hairs falling on your arms

#storyofmylife #longhairdontcare #longhairproblems #omg #whatsonme #getitoff #stupidhair Source: agarcia5909

2. You find a trail of hair wherever you go

And when you try to hoover it up…

#longhair #problems it's seriously like an inch thick in there. #vacuum #longhairproblems #wtf Source: tinast_

3. It constantly gets caught in things

P9C1022 Source: Bernadskyfam

4. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can’t put their arm around you without unleashing a world of pain

#LongHairProblems #Cuddling #DeathTrap Source: iguzman22

5. If it’s a windy day, prepare to never see where you’re going

Story of my life Source: sophiasnook

6. These are constantly freaking you out after you’ve washed your clothes


7. Lipgloss is a no NO


8. The perfect bobbin doesn’t exist

The struggle is real...it may not be a 'world peace' kind of problem but it is real. That pony has to hold when Im working hard. #marathonrunner #longhair #runner #run #running #runnerproblems #beauty #longhairproblems #soberrunner Source: christadavidson

9. Don’t get started on bobby pins

Do they get eaten by your hair or what’s the deal?

Yep. Never fails. Where do they all go?!?!? Source: sarahgrahamfit

10. You’re literally always to blame for the blocked shower

So I LOVE that my hair is getting long again...but it's causing my household to go through A LOT of Drano, straining the pocketbook as well the pipes (liquid plumber's not so great for plumbing). I'm hoping this brilliant idea I have will be a cost effective solution! #LongHairProblems #ImAGenius Source: jenread326

11. It’s just constantly getting in the way

#longhairproblems Source: stacey_dunn87

12. And not to mention that it takes at least 20 hours to dry

And that’s using a hairdryer…

My current problem #myhairislong #itgrowsfast #stillwet #longhair #longhairproblems Source: marleneb_209

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