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These are the things you have definitely forgotten to buy for Christmas

Go on, admit it. There isn’t a flippin’ battery in the house.

EVEN THE MOST super-organised cyborg of a person finds getting everything in order in time for Christmas a challenge.

So how are us mere mortals supposed to cope? Inevitably something – something vital – will slip through the cracks.


Batteries not included. Batteries never included. Batteries still utterly forgotten about.

Source: Meme Generator


Crucial for wrapping your presents, but ultimately nowhere to be found when you really need it.

Source: Flickr/sk8geek

Your distant Auntie Eileen’s present

Every year, you forget about feckin’ Auntie Eileen. Guess she’ll be getting a crap cobbled-together present from the petrol station again this year. But I thought you loved air fresheners and Red Bull, Auntie Eileen?

Source: Flickr/Hey Paul Studios

An essential ingredient

Gravy granules. Or maybe the double cream for the desserts. Don’t even try to fight it, a pivotal piece of the dinner will have been left behind at the supermarket check-out by accident.

rabbit Desperate times... Source: Cheezburger


The classic forgotten item. Who ever thinks of tinfoil until they need it right that second? See also: clingfilm.

Source: The Meta Picture

That one person’s tipple

You forgot to get the type of sherry that your Nana drinks or the lager your uncle likes. How are you going to break this to them?

Source: Flickr/Katie@!

Enough extras

You NEED several emergency tins of biscuits and bottles of wine in case an unexpected neighbour pops around bearing gifts. Ignore this tradition at your peril.

Source: Typophile

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