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16 of the stupidest Amazon movie reviews ever written

:| …. via @AmznMovieRevws.

ALL OF THESE via the wonderful @AmznMovieRevws, which you should follow immediately.

1. This expression of a few doubts about The Shining

2. This person whose feelings on Sandra Bullock remain undisclosed

3. This moving vignette

4. This voicing of disappointment at Space Jam

5. This touching reviewer/shark love story

6. This miasma of terrible confusion

7. This frustrated physicist

8. These Fred Claus fans

9. This viewer who found a gaping plot hole

10. This reviewer who was cheated by Frozen

11. This highbrow takedown

12. This misunderstanding of the nature of money

13. This reviewer who skewers this cartoon, and skewers it good

14. This sad tale of Toy Story 3

15. This critic worried about dumming down

16. And this angry reaction to Monsters Inc.

Remember what we said about following @AmznMovieRevws? Do it now.

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