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The 16 stupidest things that happened on the internet in 2014

Halt the planet, please. This is my stop.

IT WAS A great year for stupidity. Here is the best/worst of it:

16. This important complaint to Domino’s

Source: failbook

15. This *mind blown* moment

14. This flute swimming pool

Source: Tumblr

13. These Irish teenagers’ hopes and dreams

12. This political analysis

Source: Wordpress

11. This girl if that helps

Source: maddiejohnsonx3

10. This touching remembrance

Source: Imgur

9. This special moment in Titanic

Source: Imgur

8. This French lad

7. This cautious word on Ebola

Source: Imgur

6. This chilling realisation

5. This event that is past tents

Source: Imgur

4. This mum-to-be

Source: Trendzified

3. This deeply unfortunate Halloween accessory

Source: Imgur

2. This.

Source: Imgur

1. And this.

Source: Viralnova

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