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8 symptoms you’re suffering from a chocolate hangover

You’ve overdone it. Again.

IF YOU’VE EATEN too much Easter eggs, you can be sure of two things. You are not alone, and two, you probably have a massive chocolate hangover.

Check your symptoms, make the diagnosis.

1. You were this bird yesterday

gJY10 Source: Imgur

2. This is your face this morning

You didn’t even wash it after you passed out in a food coma.


3. Look around you, is this the scene?

Are there egg wrappers everywhere?

cupcakes-wrappers Source: Threeblindwives

Have you legit found a bit of chocolate mushed into your sofa or clothes?

chocolate Source: How-to-clean-carpet

4. Easter treats have now taken on a sinister quality

Why are they lining up like that?

Easter Bunnies Source: Flickr


Aw, look at the little chic–

creepy bird-thing

v5pC0aJ Source: Imgur

5. Your mouth feels like this





6. You’re craving something salty or savoury

ANYTHING substantial.


It doesn’t have to be good for you, just let it NOT BE CHOCOLATE.


7. You’ve got otherworldly carb bloat

Oh my God now you’ve to make false promises to go to the gym until the bloat goes down and you don’t feel obliged to exercise any more.

original Source: Whicdn

Just avoid everyone for the day. Bed is a good option.


8. Fear manifests as guilt

The sugar comedown is in full effect. It’s like the post alcohol Fear only much, much worse. You’ll feel the usual harrowing sense of doom, all with the added bonus of horrific guilt of all that lard you’ve consumed.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel Easter Egg Gooey! Source: Lee McCoy

Please. No more until Wednesday.


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