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People are getting sunburned on purpose for 'sunburn tattoos'

Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen).

GETTING SUNBURNED IS no fun, whether it turns to tan or not. But some people are now getting burned on purpose, for ‘art’.

‘Sunburn art’ is a trend that’s been gradually emerging over the past year on social media, but which came to a head before the July 4 holiday in the US last weekend.

My tan line is pretty rad. #sun #tanning #sunburntattoo #tanline #tanart #prettycool #lopsided #ohwell Source: killing_zoe

What is it? Well, it’s the practice of tracing a template into your skin with sunscreen (or using a sticker), then purposefully getting sunburned to create a ‘sunburn tattoo’.

We don’t need to tell you that it’s highly dangerous.

Some people are burning simple designs on to their skin

Nina on Instagram: Heute wieder #vollgaaas whup whup :D #sunburnart #pflasterkunst #zuvielsonne #pardyhard Source: Instagram/niinaaa_hehe

normal human alert Source: Instagram/blouseparty

Others are getting a little more ambitious

Nour Al-Houda Press on Instagram: If you can't commit to getting inked, there is a growing trend that isn't permanent. However, this summer fad comes with a risk. Sunburn... Source: Instagram

#sunburn #sunburntattoo #tourdefat #wearsunscreen #loves_bikes #boise #idaho Source: Instagram/bonbonshake

Some are using their ‘sunburn tattoos’ to make political statements

Some mothers do 'ave 'em on Instagram: #sunburnart anarquia i crema solar factor 50 Source: Instagram

And then there are the people etching massive drawings on themselves

How? Why?

That awful sunburn actually turned out to be pretty badass but still hurts like a MF #sunburn #ouch #sunburnart Source: Instagram/bbear430

Doctors, obviously, are none to pleased about people getting intentionally sunburned – the Skin Cancer Foundation of America is reminding people that sunburns increase the risk of melanoma.

Always wear sunscreen, for god’s sake.

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